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6 Ways to Bring Your Marriage to the Next Level in 2019 - By Travis Rosinger

What can you and your spouse do in the New Year to inject passion into your marriage and rejuvenate it, giving it the momentum to climb to the next level of love? Consider giving these new, easy marriage practices a try.

  • Honor a marriage weekly Sabbath. The word Sabbath means to cease. Create a weekly “date night” or time slot that no one else can touch, one that’s off limits to everyone and everything. A weekly rhythm of time where your marriage can rest together to build a deeper relationship through fun, conversation, intimacy, and friendship.

  • Pray together daily. Find a daily time that will set the spiritual tone for you and your spouse to connect your hearts together spiritually through prayer. This not only unites you in deeper love but will also garner greater protection from God for your marriage relationship itself.

  • Exercise 4 times a week as a couple. When couples are healthy physically they have more energy to experience new things and enjoy life together. Intimacy is also heightened because energy levels are higher and blood flow is greater.

  • Build two new friendships with other couples who have healthy marriages. When we surround ourselves with people who do well with what we want to grow in, it allows us to learn through what we hear, see and feel. Their example and good marital habits can naturally rub off on hearts that are open to change and growth.

  • Take a vacation together to somewhere you have never been before. This forges new neuropathways from which to draw positive memories and feelings along with cementing mutual intimate experiences only you and your spouse have enjoyed together.

  • Adopt a cause your marriage can champion. When couples make the foundation of their marriage to improve the lives of others they no longer have time to argue or drift apart. Instead they become united behind an anthem of love for others that creates a fortress of protection for their own marriage.

We are always ready to fight for marriages through our Loving The Fight Marriage seminars. Feel free to let us know if you would like us to come to your church or community. As marriage speakers we love sharing the marriage wisdom, we have discovered, with other couples to encourage them to put their marriages first!

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