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Prayer Your Marriage Depends On | Game Ready

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

This time of year always gets me thinking of football, falling leaves, and beautiful colors. I love the changing of seasons and Fall is one of my favorites. Fall is so interesting because it can be a rollercoaster of temperature changes with one day being warm and the next blasting us with cold, signaling winter is right around the corner.

Seasons like this also remind me of the seasons of life and marriage. There are so many times our feelings for one another can be warm and close and other times feelings can leave you shivering cold and aloof. Relationships naturally have rollercoaster moments but then add in the seasons of difficulty and challenges that bring even more intensity of relational ups and downs and things can unravel quickly.

Since change is constant and the only thing we can be sure of is that everything will continue to change, we must find ways to tell the world and our own souls that the spiritual foundation our marriages are built upon is unshakeable.

For my wife and I, prayer is a key place that we can increase stability and heighten a deep sense of unity. Our love increases for one another every time we open our hearts before God in prayer. It's literally like waving a Holy Spirit, magic-wand and watching miracles of love invade our marriage. When we pray for one another it drives our thoughts and intentions into a defensive bunker of support, not against each other, but for each other. It defuses our pride, tears down walls of division, and reminds each of us that Jesus is the only true source of power for our interwoven hearts to thrive.

We want a strong marriage! We need God. Did you catch what I just said? WE need GOD! Our marriage needs God, but ALL marriages need the power that only God can supply. When you and your spouse allow God to be at the center of your dreams, pain, joy, and tears, you are making a declaration of dependence on Him for everything that you need. When you do that, look out! He will show up and glue your hearts together with power from above.

1 John 5:14: “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” 

You may be thinking, "Okay, we want to pray and be spiritual, but how? What's the secret? How can we build a strong foundation on God's power rather than our own?" Great questions! Well, here are a few ways that we seek God through prayer and grow together spiritually.

  • Time alone praying each day to nurture our own souls

  • Praying together before we go to work every day asking God to bless our spouse

  • Praying for God's protection against evil and for strength for one another's weaknesses

  • Praying for our spouse during the day whenever we think about each other

  • Fasting from food together and praying during our meal time for our marriage

  • Worshiping Jesus at home and at church

We even text prayers to one another throughout the day reminding the one we love they are not alone. Just like a team that hits the field at game time is ready to play, we want to be a couple who is ready to hit the field of life spiritually "game ready" for whatever it sends our way.

Remember, your love is strong, and it will last!

1 John 5:14: “This is the confidence....if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

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