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Fight Night Round 3 Pc Password 119 (Updated 2022)




Share with a friend Make sure your friends know about our collections!NASA's human-rated craft to land on moon June 7 WASHINGTON – NASA is planning to send astronauts to the moon this year in a mission aimed at giving them a "taste of what life there would be like" in the near future, agency officials said Tuesday. NASA announced plans to send astronauts to the moon in late June. It is part of an ambitious moon plan outlined by President Barack Obama in 2009. The mission will feature 12 American astronauts on a three- to four-week journey to the moon's orbit. "These six astronauts will be the first to go, since they will be the first to land on the moon," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, in his weekly NASA update. "We expect to land at the South Pole of the moon on June 7th." Obama's plan called for astronauts to land on the moon during the last quarter of this year. NASA eventually plans to establish a moon base with habitats and a vehicle to carry astronauts to Mars in the mid-2020s. NASA called the mission Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the moon and sister of Apollo, the space agency's first moon landing program. NASA's first Apollo missions to the moon began in 1969. The last was in 1972, when astronauts landed on the moon during the "Earthrise" mission. The mission will be led by NASA astronauts Jim Bridenstine, Pete Conrad, Terry Virts, David Wolf, Mike Hopkins, Bob Behnken and Jack Fischer, with one of them possibly acting as pilot. NASA officials said they plan to launch the mission sometime in July. "The objective of Artemis is to return to the moon," Bolden said. "We want to demonstrate the kind of capability that it takes to do that." The spacecraft will use NASA's Orion capsule, which will also be used as a habitat for the crew and is expected to have a lifespan of about three years. The Orion capsule will dock with a lunar lander, carrying an instrument called LADEE that will take a series of pictures of the moon's surface. One of the goals of the mission will be to determine if life, in the form of bacteria or other organisms, exists on the moon. The mission will also be the first in NASA's history where it will be sending a woman to the moon. A panel of three women has been




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Fight Night Round 3 Pc Password 119 (Updated 2022)

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