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100ft. of Love

Energy required to increase the unpredictability of a predictably boring marriage lacking passionate love will every time return powerful results.

Have you ever wondered why tomorrow never seems to be as exciting as some of your favorite memories from days gone by? Is there ever a sense in your heart that your marriage relationship lacks the intensity of passion and the vibrancy of young hearts in love? It may be possible that your romance needs a change in elevation?

Recently, my wife and I voyaged across our state, out west to the badlands, on an incredible journey on mountain bikes across unforgiving terrain and near 100ft. cliffs containing gorgeous red dirt. We rode fat tire bikes up and down and around some of the most fun twists and turns. After about 13 miles and nearing the end of our excursion, I couldn't help but relish the laughs, surprised looks of astonishment, and grimaced facial expressions of pure determination. Looking into one another's eyes as we rode by wild buffalo and horses challenging each other to go further and faster exploded new feelings of togetherness and marital unity. Making memories with the ones we committed our lives to, locks up new and fresh emotions in our hearts harnessing the energy expended to achieve adventure and turning it into a deepening feeling of love and affection.

It's almost impossible to miss the glaring correlation between those who waste away on the relational couch and those who choose to make everyday with their husband or wife one that is filled with marital excitement and vigor. Just as unfamiliar experiences explodes new neural pathways in our brains, so the energy required to grab your spouses hand at the edge of thrill and excitement will likely and equally create heart palpitations of love.

We had a ton of fun and will always treasure that short bike ride through the beautiful Upper Great Plains terrain filled with several 100ft. cliffs. It's a memory that will forever remain a constant source of fulfillment beckoning us on to discover more of the world, arm in arm. Was it the elevation that increased our love for one another on that day or was it that for a moment that we broke the cycle of the daily predictability that drowns out the passion that most marriages need? In either case, we know that it's what we crave to continue to grow our relationship in stronger more fulfilling ways. Whatever it may be, we are excited for our next adventure filled with romance and determination. Its time to elevate our marriage to the next level of love!

What do you and your spouse do to inject your marriage with excitement and romance? What new adventures can you recommend to us? We would love to hear them!!

Adventure together deepens love and marriage

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